Super Grease

One bottle of Bell’ s Super Grease could be the last slide grease you ever buy! 0.56 ounces of smooth-slide action and our extremely stylish and innovative integrated-bottle-brush means no more messy fingers!

Bell’s Super Grease is scientifically blended to resist corrosion and last up to five times longer than other slide lubricants

  • Forms a protective film around metal.
  • Resists acids and alkalis.
  • Penetrates metal to 10 microns.
  • Is environmentally friendly.
  • Sulfur Free.
  • Corrosion Resistant.
  • Lasts five times longer than traditional greases.

Bell’ s Super Grease starts protecting your instrument at the microscopic level. It was designed to penetrate into pores as small as 10 microns (about 1/10th the width of a human hair) in order to form a long lasting, protective film around metal. This corrosion resistant film characterizes the perfect lubricant for soft delicate metals found in professional brass instruments.